The 9th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium - Galway Ireland. 2000

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Mon Dec 6 08:32:19 EST 1999

Members of this group may be interested to hear of the 9th Deep sea Biology
Symposium which will be held in Galway Ireland on 25-30th June 2000. These
symposia are only held every three years and provide an ideal opportunity
for those with interests in this area to meet their collegues.

The theme for the symposium is "The Deep Ocean Biosphere - Change and
Sustainability" and it is hoped to feature keynote speakers to address
aspects of this topic.  As with previous symposia, however, papers and
posters on any aspect of deep-sea organisms (from macro to micro) and
ecosystems will be welcome.  Please remember that " deep-sea" is not only
the abyssal benthos but also deep waters and the deep sub-seafloor
biosphere.  Interdisciplinary papers are particularly encouraged..

 I am sure that those of you who have attended previous symposia will agree
with me that some of the most interesting ideas have arisen outside the
formal sessions. It is my intention to allow time for this, even if it
proves necessary to limit the number of oral presentations. There will, of
course be the traditional programme of social events including an
excursion, and a banquet with plenty of local food and drink

It is intended that information om the symposium will be promulgated mainly
by electronic means.  If you wish to be on the symposium Email list please
contact john.patching at (Note: do NOT contact this discussion
group). If you have colleagues who are interested in the symposium, but  do
not have access to Email or the internet, please advise them to write to
me. The symposium website is at (,
and will be updated periodically.  Those on the symposium Email list will
be sent registration details and notified when the website is updated.

John W. Patching
The Martin Ryan Marine Science Institute
National University of Ireland, Galway

Email: John.Patching at
Phone:  +353-91-750456
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