Recent Brachiopoda

Ron Voskuil biosyssm at
Mon Feb 15 12:49:18 EST 1999

Hello all,

My name is Ron Voskuil and I am busy preparing a monograph on the Recent
Brachiopoda, which is quite an task. I hope to have the project completed
before the 2000 brachiopod congress in London. As a spin-off, several
smaller papers on the subject are under preparation. For this project, I
need to gather as much material as I can. Specimens are needed for
comparative study and photography.

I hope that some of you can help. It would be my pleasure to identify
samples for you as long as I can keep a few specimens for my reference
collection. Furthermore, alcohol preserved material of virtually all species
are welcomed for a collegue, who is reconstructing brachiopod phylogeny by
means of DNA analysis.

Hope to hear from any of you,


Ron Voskuil
biosyssm at

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