Proceedings Madeira Symposium, Hydrothermal vent Biology

Claude Jouin-Toulmond jouin at
Fri Jun 4 11:35:27 EST 1999

The Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Deep-sea
Hydrothermal vent Biology (Funchal Madeira, Portugal 20-24 October 1997)
were published in CBM Cahiers de Biologie Marine 1998, Volume 39 3/4, in
February 1999.

The volume is ca. 280 pages (43 contributed papers) and some copies are
still available.

The price of the volume is 230 FF (priority postage included).
You can order the volume at:

Cahiers de Biologie Marine
Station Biologique B.P.74 F29682 ROSCOFF Cedex France

or directly by e-mail at:
jouin at

The check should be made payable to:
Agent comptable du CNRS
TP Rennes
Account n0 10071 35000 00003004708 11

Please e-mail me your name, address etc.

Claude Jouin-Toulmond

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