The Existence of the Meglodome Shark in the Oceans today.....

Brad Gerrard bradgerrard at
Tue Oct 5 03:38:49 EST 1999

What Hope for The Old Meglodome ?

With regard to the one time existence of the Meglodome. The fossil record
seems conclusive and there can be little doubt of the existence at one time
of the Meglodome, is it possible that these sharks might still be roaming
the seas.

One might say, what a ridiculous question, the Meglodome is surely one of
the creatures that went extinct about the time of the dinosaurs, However I
say, Why should that be the case. Popular theory has it that dinosaurs were
destroyed by some asteroid or some such thing ( Not a theory I hold to be
true ). If one supposed that such a theory had some credence then why did
the Meglodome get wiped out, and not say, the Blue Whale, or the Great White
Shark for that matter.
I have read that when man has been able to enter the uncharted deep, great
sharks of immense size have been reported. Is it not possible that such a
shark as the Meglodome grew to such a size due to its habitat being the
deep, and is it not also possible that the Meglodome is still roaming the

In 1994, a book called "Monsters of the Sea," by Richard Ellis made
interesting mention of the discovery of the Mega Mouth Shark, if you haven't
read the book, I highly recommend reading it, I believe it's available on
Amazon. The Mega Mouth Shark a giant of the family of Sharks was unknown
upto 1978 when one was accidentally caught up on an anchor. To this day, I
understand that only 6 of these sharks have been seen, very little is known.
I recollect too, a new species of Whale being discovered a few years ago,
the giant Squid has yet to be properly documented, having been accepted only
in this century, by science as more than just a legend. Interesting not long
ago, in the last few years an unclassified Ant was discovered in of all
places, Washington, the capital of the United States.

I don't have the answers, just plenty of questions, hence this news letter,
I humbly submit it for discussion. I should be most interested in any news
of discoveries. The Oceans are the most interesting of the as yet unexplored
recesses of the Earth.


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