Giant Squid records: Re: The Existence of the Meglodome Shark ...

Geoff Read at
Fri Oct 15 04:04:37 EST 1999

> If size is one of the prerequisites of a living organism remaining hidden or
> not, how would one account for the flimsy evidence we have that proves the
> existence of the Giant Squid. It's believed this creature can reach a length
> of 150 feet or more.

Flimsy? Specimens are turning up regularly. But you'd probably be a bit 
disappointed in the size of the usual animal caught.

Have a look at: 

and at:

Forch, E. C. 1998. The marine fauna of New Zealand: cephalopoda: 
oegopsida: architeuthidae (Giant squid).o NIWA biodiversity  memoir  
110. 113pp.

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