to what depth can fish see and differ colors ?

Rudy at
Tue Jun 25 08:15:22 EST 2002

I've been sportfishing in Norway (cod, pollack, sei, leng, lom, etc).  We
fished on a medium depth of about 150 meter.  We used a pilker (a simple cut
iron bar actually,  of 300 to 500 gr.  We also used a hook covered with
feathers, or a hook, covered with a piece of plastic.  We liked to use
different colors, but we caught fish, as well on very fresh silver blinking
pilker, as on a completely rusted one.
I really wonder if fish, residing at 150 meter deep, actually can see a
difference between a green or a red piece of plastiek; between a silvery
pilker or a red one.  I even thought that at that depth, there was no light
anymore, or am i completely wrong here ?

Rudy Faelens
B- 8680 Koekelare

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