~~ strange creatures ~~

Martina Knapp a9909062 at unet.univie.ac.at
Thu Mar 7 08:19:22 EST 2002

Hi "s"!

> Fleshy invertebrates ranging in size from about 1cm to 4 or 5cm attached to
> a plastic film (ocean debris).When squeezed or stepped on, the organism ejects
> filaments of *bright* neon orange (tentacles?) from what appears to be it's
> mouth.

Sounds like an actinia or anemone. They belong to the same Phylum as the
"Jellyfish" do - Cnidaria. "Ask" Google ( www.google.com ) for some pictures
(try anemone, actinia and cnidaria together or anthozoa and actinia together)
and look if that's what you've seen!

greetings, Martina

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