mysterious Huge Rare Deep Sea Fish?

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Mon Apr 7 08:12:26 EST 2003


so far as I can tell, the fish is a wolf-fish, *Anarhichas* sp.


Quoting Loren Coleman <lcolema1 at>:

> Can anyone on the list identify this so-called "deep sea fish"?  I am not
> connected to the auction in any fashion, but interested in merely
> identifying this specimen.
> Thank you,
> Loren Coleman
> Portland, Maine
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> Title of item: >>>>Huge Rare Deep Sea Fish - Taxidermy <<<<
> Item Description:  
> Deep sea fish?!
> Wow, this has never been seen on ebay before! You are bidding for a huge
> (almost 3 ft) mysterious stuffed fish. I have no idea what species that is
> but it looks to me like a monster from the deep sea. According to the body
> shape (snake like, with very small tail fin) and its teeth&nbsp;this is a
> formidable predator which lives at the bottom of the sea. The previous owner
> could not tell me anything about its origin&nbsp;only that it must be well
> over 100 years old. The condition of the fish is surprisingly good
> and&nbsp;the fish itself is&nbsp;not fragile at all. Due to its age the fish
> is virtually odourless. Do not let this rare opportunity pass!!! This is
> your chance to bid for an item that you&nbsp;can only&nbsp;find in museums
> if at all.
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