[Deepsea] Marine biology t shirt competition

Matthew Swarbrick mlsw at bas.ac.uk
Fri Sep 23 12:48:33 EST 2005

Hello all,

In order to fund the last throws of our PhD's we are launching a range of T-shirts for marine biologists and ornithologists (with other ranges once we get the marine ones working). Many designs are already sorted, but we are looking for lots more ideas. 
If anybody comes up with an idea that gets used in the shop they will get three free t shirts of your own (or any another ;) design.

We are also keen to give the invertebrates and fish a fair chance instead of just the usual charismatic mega fauna. Though I am sure a dolphin may creep in there somewhere it will certainly not be airbrushed! We have a range between funny and nice. 

One range we have is a range of marine animals drawn by children.. so if any of you have budding artists at home..

So all great (and terrible) ideas appreciated, you can email them to mlsw at bas.ac.uk 
Many thanks, thinking t shirts on, and watch this space for great t shirts!
>))))))'> <'((((((<

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