[Deepsea] Deep-Sea Symposium

Gaten, Dr E. gat at leicester.ac.uk
Fri Mar 24 07:00:16 EST 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
This is just a gentle reminder that for those of you that wish to
contribute to the Deep-Sea Symposium in July, that next Friday 31st
March is the last day for submission of abstracts. Submission can be
done through the Symposium website on
Don't delay, do it today!
Look forward to welcoming you in July
very best wishes
Paul Tyler

Professor Paul Tyler
Professor of Deep-Sea Biology
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton University of Southampton
Southampton SO14 3ZH UK Tel. +44(0)23 80 592557 FAX. +44(0)23 80 593059
Census of Marine Life: Biogeography of Chemosynthetic environments
HERMES: Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margin of European Seas.
11th International Deep-Sea Biology Symposium and BP Kongsberg
Underwater Image Competition
See:   http://www.noc.soton.ac.uk/GDD/DEEPSEAS/symp_pages/symphome.html

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