lambda phage mabs

Falk Fish ila2027 at ZEUS.DATASRV.CO.IL
Sat Apr 22 02:06:49 EST 1995

On 21 Apr 1995, Robert Burns wrote:

> Hi all,
>      have any of you had a go at generating antibodies using 
> lambda phage expression vectors. I know that one main advantage
> is the numbers of antibodies generated but what are the disadvantages?
> Thirdly does anyone know of an easy-to-use kit which can be used for
> this technology?
> Thanks
> Robert
> Robert Burns
The main problem of this method is the low affinity of the resulting 

I did not have direct experience with the method but we keep it in the 
back of our minds as a viable strategy to generate antibodies, while 
combining it with an approach to ensure that the affinity will be usably 

As to a kit: I think Pharmacia offers a kit.  I am not sure and I will 
get back after looking at my papers.

You could also contact the guys at Cambridge: they have invented it all.

Falk Fish, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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