Saliva Rapid HIV Test Announced

Sandeep Laumas slmd at
Wed Dec 20 16:43:51 EST 1995

>In article <30C89947.B37 at> Jim Dougherty 
>>Subject: Saliva Rapid HIV Test Announced
>>Date: Fri, 08 Dec 1995 15:00:07 -0500
WorldWide Medical Testing has announced 
>>the worldwide availability of the Saliva Rapid HIV Test. Approved by the 
>>USFDA for export-only, these test kits have been shown to be as 
>>effective as the serum-based ELISA and Western blot tests. (Sensitivity 
>>- 100%, Specificity - 98.07%). 

>>WorldWide Medical Testing, Inc
>>Helping the World fight AIDS - Saliva Rapid HIV Test

Dear Sir:
I strongly suggest you check with the FDA in your MISLEADING advertising of using the FDA to gain 
approval.  This is illegal, even though you think you may be in Canada!!

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