Help Needed Understanding Allergy ELISA Results

Falk Fish ila2027 at ZEUS.DATASRV.CO.IL
Thu Jun 1 15:44:49 EST 1995

Food allergy is a sticky issues: most doctors do not believe that it 
exists (except for milk, peanuts and seafood) but laternative medicine 
patriots and some opposition doctors do believe in its wide array of 

First, ask the lab, which conducted the tests to provide you with an 
analysis and interpretation.  If it is a serious establishment, 
specializing in food allergy, they would employ a dietician, who will 
develop an appropriate diet program based on the findings.

It is difficult to say when the presence of IgE or IgG4 reflects an on 
going pathology.  The definitive test for allergy is the "Elimination 
Diet", where the suspected foods are eliminated for long periods and the 
symptoms are closely monitored.  After elimination comes the challenge 
with close follow-up of the symptoms.

You should know what are your family's symptoms and what is the reason 
for conducting those tests to begin with.  These will direct you in 
monitoring elimination and challenge.  The dietician is very important 
since many modern commercial foods are of complex origin, so that 
sometimes you will have to eliminate more foods than you would have 
expected, in order to avoid a components.  Thus, breads contain milk 
products, processed fish (e.g. fish fingers) contain shellfish and other 
critters and hamburgers contain soybean god-knows-what.

As to low level antibody: the food allerfy advocate do indeed warn that 
allergic reactions may worsen if one is continuously subjecting one's 
digestive system to this food.  Therefore, try to separate the intake of 
such foods by long intervals.  It is generally a good idea to enrich the 
components of your diet and eat different foods on different days (e.g. 
you do not have to go to MacDonald's every day: do not forget Burger 
King, Hardee's and Jack in the Box).

By the way, which lab did those tests?

I hope the above gives you some idea how to proceed, although I did not 
answer all the questions and certainly not in any order.

Falk Fish, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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