Background staining in autoradiography.

David Getzy dgetzy at VTH1.VTH.COLOSTATE.EDU
Thu Jun 22 05:27:30 EST 1995


I have recently reviewed an autoradiography study for an experimental 
compound.  The control animals of the group received saline only.  In 
viewing the slides of the skin from the control animals, there is an 
increased deposition of silver grains between dermal collagen bundles.  
These spaces between collagen bundles are either processing artifacts or 
regions of cutaneous glycosaminoglycan accumulation.

Any thoughts on the non-specific deposition of silver grains in this area 
of skin (as well as increased non-specific deposition on hair shafts)?  
Is is possible that the high GAG content of these tissues would bind 
silver cations through electrostatic forces?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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