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Thu May 25 14:32:48 EST 1995

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I am looking for sources of microplate ELISA data handling software, 
on behalf of a client whose application is mainly virus detection.

We actually have a fairly detailed set of requirements, but for now all 
I am looking for is the contact information for any suitable 
suppliers. Whether it runs on a PC, MAC or whatever, is a basic program 
or a fully automated hardware/software system is not important at this 

So far the names I have are the following:

  Dynatech Labs, DIAS
  Biotek Instruments, Omni-Series
  ASYS Hitech, DigiScan
  Bio-Rad Labs, Microplate Manager
  Biosoft, AssayZap
  BioMetallics, DeltaSoft
  Molecular Devices, SoftMax
  Leading Edge Research, ELISA!

Please let me know if you know of others. I'd also like to know if 
there are other suitable newsgroups to post this in, and (as a 
non-biologist) I'd appreciate being pointed at any technical publications 
which may run
advertisements for such equipment.

Also, if anybody out there would like to share their experiences of using
ELISA software (good or bad) I would very much like to hear from them.

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