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Hi Vigfrid,  haven't seen any collection answer publicly yet, so I'll add
the following 2p below:

 >collections for protozoa????
>And if so how do I get in touch with them -address, fax etc.

There are strange sources of information, but few stranger than this one --
I'm doing secondary teacher training in a remote school up in the North
Pennines, and tucked away in a back shelf in the prep room, I came upon
this booklet:  "Culturing Algae:  a guide for schools and colleges" which
was prepared by the Culture collection of Algae and Protozoa, of the
Natural Environment Research Council, of UK.    I think this council and
the Science and Engineering Research Council were all subsumed under the
British Biotechnology  and Science Research Council about 5 years ago, but
the culture collection might still be extant.  The address (to which they
moved in 1986) is:

Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa
Freshwater Biological Association
The Ferry House
Ambleside, Cumbria
United Kingdom

The following number was published in the booklet -- I think it's defunct.
Windermere (019662) 2468

The number of the Freshwater Biological Association at Ambleside is:
Confirmed this afternoon with directory enquiries; maybe they can re-direct.

Hope this helps.


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