Sputum samples

GREG.OGLE at roche.com GREG.OGLE at roche.com
Tue Sep 26 12:22:52 EST 1995

     Greetings all!
     We are in dire need of some sputum samples and would be much obliged 
     if anyone could help out. If you have some names of contacts or if you 
     can provide the sputum yourself (neg and positive, raw and liquified) 
     please get in contact with me. We can discuss it further and get an 
     MTA in the works.
     Please E-mail me at:
     greg.ogle at roche.com
     or call in California at 
     (510) 814-2936
     Thank you for your help.
     -Greg Ogle
     Roche Molecular Systems
     Alameda, CA

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