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Technogoddess gsprague at
Tue Aug 6 03:48:06 EST 1996

I hope this is not too far off topic for this group, forgive me if you 
think this is inappropriate. I have great respect for the vendors of 
diagnostic products and appreciate the difficulties involved in keeping 
up with an ever changing market. I have been a user of diagnostic 
products for nearly 30 years and have recently become a consultant to 
laboratories as to the purchase of diagnistic kits to meet their testing 

Recently I was approached by some friends that have varied experiences 
in writing laboratory computer systems and that are interested in 
finding a niche market for a software product. I was wondering if there 
is a need in the diagnostics industry for a software package for the 
research, development and manufacturing of diagnostic kits?

This would include instrument interfacing, quality control package, data 
reduction and lot number tracking. It could also be customized to meet 
some individual needs.

Are you aware of any software that is already meeting these needs? Are 
programs being written in-house? Are they adequate? Do they meet ISO9000 
standards? Is this a niche we should continue to investigate? 

Thanks for any input you might have! Feel free to post or respond by 

  Gwen E. Sprague, CLS(NCA), CPC
 Laboratory Technology Resources
  "Offering ideas to help your 
laboratory work smarter not harder"

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