Wanna know magazine and websites for new diagnostic test products in U.S.A

Tatsuzo Ishigami tishi at st.rim.or.jp
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On 1996/01/04 23:36:01
   marcop95 at bora.dacom.co.kr (Lee Sang Chan) -san wrote:
||I'd like to know magazines and websites for New diagnostic test
||products (instrument and reagent) in U.S.A.

Hello Mr. Chan:

There are many magazines/newspapers on the new diagnostic test.
I suggest you to subscribe the following new products news. Although those 
are from Europe, it covers most of US new products.

1. Clinical Laboratory International (Free)
   c/o Elsevier Librico N.V./PEPCO, B.P.214, B-1210 Brusseles 21, Belgium.

2. LabMedica International (Free)
   Globetech Publishing Corp. Reader Service Dept. P.O.Box 1,
   Avrupa yk. P.I.M., 34001-Istanbul, Turkey, FAX:203-762-8640

3. Clinica (440 UK-ponds)
   PJB Publications Ltd., 18/20 Hill Rise, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6UA, U.K.
   FAX: +44-0181-332-8998

The WWW sites relating to diagnostics are as follows:

1. The Diagnostics Club: URL http://www.gemini.co.uk/biopages

2. Med TechNet, an online information service specifically designed for
   Clinical Laboratory Professionals. $59/year.
   URL: http://www.medtechnet.com

I hope aboves are helpful for you.


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