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Dr Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at sasa.gov.uk
Wed Jan 10 08:38:21 EST 1996

  Jerry Litt <jlitt at capecod.net>wrote:

> Does anyone have an opinion as to why there is so little traffic in
> this group?  I would have thought that there would be considerable
> interest but, unless I am doing something wrong, see very few
> postings. Should the group "charter" be changed to expand or redirect
> the intention?

Recent  figures for bionet.diagnostics posts are:

Oct 1995     38 (a low point)
Nov             75
Dec              60
Jan 1996      20(so far)

This is about the same volume of posts as the bionet RAPD, HIV and 
human genome lists, to name three that I looked at in the archives.  
We certainly have a lot fewer posts than the materials and methods 
group which gets about 1200/month! 

While 60-70 posts/month isn't too bad, I would like to see more 
posts: a  realistic target for the diagnostics list would be about 200/month, 
which is the volume of the virology list.  I   would like to encourage 
subscribers and readers to post abstracts of papers, notice of relevant conferences
 and so on and to reply to the list as a whole rather than send individual e-mail
 in reply to a post.

Kevin (co-discussion leader)
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