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Dr Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at sasa.gov.uk
Fri Jan 12 11:03:25 EST 1996

Steve Firsth wrote:

> One headache I believe is that diagnostics is a commercial business, but
> the charter does not allow commercial discussion.

Yes, this  is a problem - but it doesn't stem from the charter but 
from  bionet funding. I don't think it's too big a problem though, 
since if there were too many 'commercial' posts there might less 
research-oriented ones, which is what the list was set up to cater 
for. I think that bionet.diagnostics and biz-biotech complement each 
other well in this respect. 

> I see Kevin claims 20 posts in January, of which I received 12. Perhaps
> there are also some problems with the propagation of messages? I must say
> that my news server does seem to be having problems at the moment so I
> guess that the problem lies there.

29 in the archives when I looked today. If anyone wants to check 
their messages, the archives for all bionet groups are at

Remember too that usenet messages can take a few days to make their way into 
everyone's newsfeed.

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