Distributor seeks new products: microbiology and clinical chemistry

dr. ing. Harold Stringer biopharm at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 12 08:32:46 EST 1996

Ridascreen-Biopharm B.V. is a rapidly growing Dutch company that
operates in both the Clinical Market and in the Industrial market.

We import and distribute diagnostic kits for microbiological and
chemical analysis.

We specialize in Industrial Diagnostics for food and feed analysis,
and in Clinical Diagnostics for microbiology and clinical chemistry.

Currently, we would like to expand our product ranges for both the
Industrial Diagnostics and for the Clinical Diagnostics.

Food and Feed analysis:
*	mycotoxins, antibiotics, hormones, vitamines, meat species, 
*	bacterial toxins, yeasts and moulds, bacteria e.g.

Medical Microbiology:
*	pathogenic virusses, bacteria, and protozoa

Clinical Chemistry:
*	vitamines, drugs and medicine abuse

If your company manufactures such products, and is interested in
extending sales via a succesful distributor in The Netherlands with
contacts with distributors throughout the European Union, please
contact us via the address below.


Dr. Ing. H.A.R. Stringer


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  The Netherlands
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