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Mon Jan 15 12:33:04 EST 1996

Thanks for the response, Fred. I had a message that 39 postings had come in
since the beginning of January. I have not seen nearly this many so perhaps
the Free Agent software that I use has similar characteristics to the system
you use.

At 04:26 PM 1/15/96 GMT+2, Fred Reyers wrote:
>Jerry asked the question about traffic.
>> To:             diagnost at net.bio.net
>> From:           jlitt at capecod.net (Jerry Litt)
>> Subject:        Traffic
>> Date sent:      Mon, 15 Jan 1996 16:36:59 GMT
>> Does anyone have an opinion as to why there is so little traffic in
>> this group?
>I think one of the possible reasons COULD be that the "automatic" 
>reply facility on messages received from this list (using my Pegassus 
>Mail) does not, by default, also send a copy of the reply to the 
>diagnost-list. Most of the other lists that I subscribe to do do this 
>and consequently I do not have to type ".. , diagnost at net.bio.net .." 
>behind the name of the originator of the mail to which I wish to 
>reply in order to "involve" others.
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