Help S.L.E. (lupus) patient

Arvind Singh aksingh at bnr.ca
Sat Jan 20 04:42:50 EST 1996

 Subject:       please pass on this message to friends, urgent|
 Dear friend,
 I'm Rupam, Srirang's friend from IIMB.
      My sister is an S.L.E. (lupus) patient. if you know any person
 having any information about the latest developments regarding the
 disease and slowing it's progress, please contact at the following
 address :-
 grp2 at alpha2.iimb.ernet.in
 Postal address:
 Rupam Prasad,
 A-1st Pantry,
 PGP Hostel,
 Indian Institute of Management,
 Bannerghatta Road,
 Please pass on this message to as many people as you can.
 Any information will be highly appreciated.
                                     thanks a lot,

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