Need Help!!!

Louis Geller lgeller at
Sun Jan 21 22:05:19 EST 1996

	A few months ago, my fiancee, Eileen, died from a very serious 
blood clot - superior sagittal sinus thrombosis.  She was 24 years old. 
This is really causing me a tremendous amount of grief and pain.  It is 
	I am interested in finding out about CAT scans; specifically the 
differences between infused and non-infused scans.  What, exactly, does 
the IV contrast medium allow a doctor to see?  What diagnostic benefits 
does the +/- contrast offer, compared to only the non-infused?  Why would 
a doctor only do a non-infused CT scan when trying to figure out why a 
young woman was having excruciating headaches, with no prior history of 
	Also, what will an M.R.I. show?
	I am interested in finding out as much as possible about this.  
For my fiancee, only a non-infused CT scan was done.  No MRI was 
performed, and I would like to find out the reasoning.  Seems kind of 
late, though.  I am a graduate student in cell/molecular biology. 
	As I said, this has really messed my life up, and I would like 
some help.  Please send me any thoughts by reply mail.  Thank you very much.

	Louis Geller,
	Devastated Fiancee 

	lgeller at


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