ELISA blues - thanks

ROGER COLLIN COLLINR at Agresearch.cri.nz
Mon Jan 22 23:51:40 EST 1996

Many thanks to all the people who emailed me suggestions to my problems on 
edge effects and storage of ELISA plates.  I got over 30 responses!  A common 
theme was the idea of freezing plates after coating and blocking rather than 
trying to dry the plate.  I tried this and it has worked fine!  My standard 
curves are nearly identical on feshly prepared plates and on plates that have 
been frozen after blocking.
I can say after quite a few attempts that there are some things to avoid;  
drying plates, which in my hands decreases the max OD by about 1/4 and 
increases interwell %cv's, and stacking plates which I suspect was what was 
giving me my edge effects.  I was stacking my plates 5-10 high.
Anyhow thanks again - it was great to see how a problem can be solved with 
experts all around the world contributing.

Roger Collin
New Zealand

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