Survey of women in science

Nancy Berman nberman at ucla.edu
Wed Jan 24 05:47:16 EST 1996

We are interested in doing a survey to document the experience of women who 
finished their undergraduate work in the fifties, and went on to get an 
advanced degree in Engineering, Sciences or Mathematics. We are particularly 
interested in women who postponed or dropped their career plans in favor of 
marriage and motherhood then continued their education at some later point in 
the same or a different field.  We would like to ask you to complete a short 
questionnaire.  The information will be used only for research and will be 
kept completely confidential.  There is no comeercial purpose behind this 
request.  If you are interested in participating please respond to either of 
us.  Please indicate your preferred method of receiving mail, US Postal, FAX, 
E-mail (we can't afford Federal Express).  If you know of another news group, 
e-mail list or other women that should receive this message, please show them 
this article or let us know how to reach them.

Thank you for replying.  We apologize for any cross-posting.

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