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Mon Jan 29 18:53:36 EST 1996

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>I'm presently doing some comparisons between different buffers to dilute
>my labelled antibody in, for use in ELISA. So far I have established so
>far is that the standard conjugate buffer that we use here (2% PVP, 0.2%
>Ovalbumin in PBS-T) can be improved upon with the addition  of
>various other proteins such as BSA and Casein. I was wondering whether
>anyone was using a buffer that they have found to be better than
>anything else they have tried, or does anyone know any commercial
>suppliers of conjugate/block buffers that they have found to be any good.

Our R&D Department has developed a diluent buffer for stabilizing HRP
conjugates that has allowed us to store our antibody conjugates for over one
year at 4C, and for at least two months at room temperature, with no
significant loss of activity.  This proprietary formulation contains a
protein, a detergent, antimicrobial agents, and other components.  It has
worked very well for us in our product line of rapid ELISA tests, and is now
being evaluated by others for use in their microtiter plate ELISAs.  We have
recently decided to offer the conjugate stabilizing buffer for sale, for
those seeking to improve the shelf-life of their HRP-based ELISAs.  For more
information, please contact me by e-mail.

Mark Hughes
Empyrean Diagnostics Inc.
mhughes77 at aol.com

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