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Kevin O'Donnell odonnell at sasa.gov.uk
Wed Jan 31 04:56:25 EST 1996

I posted this two days ago and by the miracle of the information 
super-highway it promptly  disappeared. Take 2:

The latest from the Promega Home page (http://www.promega.com) is 
that the trial to contest the taq polymerase patent will start late 
January/early February. Both parties have agreed to separate the 
patent issue from a second issue, that of the right of scientists to 
use patented methods for research purposes. Roche are still 
contesting this and it will be the subject of a second trial.

Meanwhile, Roche have just lost a case against Organon-Teknika. They 
claimed that Organon's NASBA HIV test breached the PCR patent and 
lost in a Dutch court. (This does seem a bit like Roche chancing 
their luck to me).

Lastly, Roche have still not filed for a European taq patent. In the 
light of the Promega challenge Roche were asked to provide additional 
data to the European patent authorities, which to date they have not 

Can anyone tell me if this means that European researchers are free 
to purify their own taq?

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