Conjugate/Block Buffers

Leslie Confer lconfer at moose.erie.net
Wed Jan 31 01:30:49 EST 1996

In article <199601291418.OAA11091 at caird.scri.sari.ac.uk>,
   djones at SCRI.SARI.AC.UK (D Jones) wrote:
>I'm presently doing some comparisons between different buffers to 
>my labelled antibody in, for use in ELISA. So far I have established 
>far is that the standard conjugate buffer that we use here (2% PVP, 
>Ovalbumin in PBS-T) can be improved upon with the addition  of
>various other proteins such as BSA and Casein. I was wondering 
>anyone was using a buffer that they have found to be better than
>anything else they have tried, or does anyone know any commercial
>suppliers of conjugate/block buffers that they have found to be any 

Can you give more information about what type
of conjugate you are trying to stabilize, and
what your current problems are.  With more
info, I may be able to reach into my bag of
tricks and possibly help you out.

Best regards,
Les Confer

lconfer at moose.erie.net

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