Conjugate/Block Buffers

D Jones djones at SCRI.SARI.AC.UK
Wed Jan 31 08:39:24 EST 1996

> In article <199601291418.OAA11091 at caird.scri.sari.ac.uk>,
>   I wrote:
> >I'm presently doing some comparisons between different buffers to 
> dilute
> >my labelled antibody in, for use in ELISA. So far I have established 
> so
> >far is that the standard conjugate buffer that we use here (2% PVP, 
> 0.2%
> >Ovalbumin in PBS-T) can be improved upon with the addition  of
> >various other proteins such as BSA and Casein. I was wondering 
> whether
> >anyone was using a buffer that they have found to be better than
> >anything else they have tried, or does anyone know any commercial
> >suppliers of conjugate/block buffers that they have found to be any 
> good.
> >
> >Thanks 
> >David
> >
> >
> Les Confer wrote:-
> Can you give more information about what type
> of conjugate you are trying to stabilize, and
> what your current problems are.  With more
> info, I may be able to reach into my bag of
> tricks and possibly help you out.
I think that maybe I have misled people a bit with my first message.
Which after reading it again probably isn't all that clear. What I am
after is are buffers that will increase the signal : noise ratio in the
actual ELISA. My actual Alkaline Phosphatase conjugates Pabs or mabs are
quite stable enough. I don't really have any problems, I'm just trying
to increase the sensitivity of the ELISA. By changing the buffer I
dilute my conjugates in, I have managed a 1.5 - 2 times increase in
senstivity. Not spectacular I know but it gives me the encouragement to go
on and find better buffers if they exist. What I'd really like is a well
tested commercial buffer, that I can use to see how my various mixtures

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