Statistics/Graphic Package

Bryan Kiehl b3748 at
Wed Jul 3 18:13:00 EST 1996

I am not associated with this company at all, but just want to note
how useful this program has been. I am using Prisim by GraphPad to
prepare FDA notifications and technical reports. For those interested
in relatively simple programs that seem to integrate reasonable graphs
and good statistics, you might want to take a look. With the complete
version a little program called StatMate comes with it. This is a
terrifec program, helping you predict sample size and testing power.

For those with basic statistics and laboratory assay data, you almost
can't go wrong.

Info is at there Web page:

And, really, I don't get anything for this. The company is in San
Diego, but I've never been there and just like the program. And yes,
I've looked at several.
Bryan Kiehl
GenBio at
San Diego, CA

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