looking for HDC Corp.

Pietropaolo Bianchi pbianchi at maxidata.it
Sat Jun 1 10:51:48 EST 1996

MHughes77 at aol.com wrote:

>Alex Chang asked:
>>I am wondering anyone knows the HDC Corp., Mountain View, California.
>>I am interested in their Entero-test kit.

>For the information of others in the newsgroup, the Entero-test kit is a
>noninvasive device for collecting H. pylori bacteria from patients with
>stomach ulcers.  This method is especially useful for monitoring the
>effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.  

Also, I have used it several times for collecting trophozoites of
giardia lamblia from duodenum.  Gee,  it does work!


P. Bianchi MD

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