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1996 GRC Biocatalysis

Paul van Eikeren pvaneikeren at ARGOTECH.COM
Sun May 5 19:06:07 EST 1996

Gordon Research Conference
B  I  O  C  A  T  A  L  Y  S  I  S
Kimbal Union Academy * Meriden, NH, USA * 7-12 July 1996

I am posting this message to inform you of this years=92 Gordon Research =

Conference on Biocatalysis.  The Conference will be held 7-12 July 1996 =

at Kimbal Union Academy in Meriden, New Hampshire, USA. The Conference =

brings together an interdisciplinary group of biologists, chemists, and =

engineers for a full week of intense discussion and examination of the =

frontiers of Biocatalysis.  We welcome your application for =

participation in year=92s conference.  Also, we would be grateful if you =

would forward a copy of this message to people that you think might be =

interested in attending.
The subject of the Biocatalysis Conference is synthetically useful =

reactions and processes catalyzed by enzymes or whole cells. We will =

address three main themes:
=B7 new uses of existing enzymes (e.g., lipases, oxidases, and aldolases);
=B7 discovery of new enzymes (e.g., epoxide hydrolases, P-450 =

hydroxylases, oxynitrilases, thermophilic organisms); and
=B7 structure and protein engineering of enzymes (e.g., new structures of =

proteases, transketolase and oxynitrilase, and combinatorial methods =

versus site-directed mutagenesis). =

We have assembled a notable group of speakers, discussion leaders, and =

poster presenters.  Attached is a copy of the preliminary program.  For =

additional information on the Conference including the most recent =

update of the program and the poster sessions we suggest that you =

connect to our World-Wide Web site at


If you do not have access to the World-Wide Web or need additional =

information, please contact me by e-mail at the address shown below and =

can send you additional information and applications forms.

We look forward to receiving your application to the conference.


Paul van Eikeren


Paul van Eikeren, Co-Chair
Vice President, Chemistry
Argonaut Technologies Inc.
887 Industrial Road, Suite G
San Carlos, CA 94070 USA
Voice: +1 415 598 1350 ext. 217
Fax: +1 415 598 1359
pvaneikeren at argotech.com
74260.1024 at compuserve.com


      P  R  O  G  R  A  M   I  N  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N
                  (Updated on 25 March 1996)

=3D=3D Opening Session:
* Stanley Roberts (Liverpool, UK) Enzymic Baeyer Villiger Reaction
* J. John Holbrook (U. Bristol, UK) Getting the Products Off Enzymes =

Used in Bulk Chemoenzymic Synthesis

=3D=3D Structure and Engineering of Hydrolases for Organic Synthesis
*  Sabine L. Flitsch (U. Edinburgh, UK) Design and Synthesis of =

Enzyme-Cleavable Linkers for Solid Phase Synthesis
* Guy G. Dodson (York U., UK) Nucleophilic Attack at the Carbonyl in =

Hydrolases: The Varying Stereochemistry at the Nucleophile
* Franz Effenberger (U. Stuttgart, Germany) New Results on Preparation =

and Application of Chiral Cyanohydrins
* Robert Menard (NRC Biotechnology Research Institute, Canada) Protein =

Engineering of Cysteine Proteases: From a Better Understanding of Their =

Function to Redesigning the Catalytic Activity

=3D=3D Molecular Evolution of Subtilisin
* Frances Arnold (California Institute of Technology, USA) Directed =

Evolution of p-Nitrobenzyl Esterase
* Marcus Ballinger (Genentech, USA) Subtilisin BPN Variants Designed for =

Cleavage of Multibasic Substrates
Multibasic Substrates =

*  Volker Schellenberger (Genencor, USA) Directed evolution of a =

Bacillus protease

=3D=3D New Application of Hydrolases
* Herbert Waldmann (Karlsruhe, Germany) Bioorganic Synthesis and =

Biological Signal Transduction
* Milton Zmijewski (Lily, Indianapolis, USA) Enzymatic Removal of =

Protecting Groups in the Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals
* Kazuo Achiwa (Shizuoka U.) Lipase-Catalyzes Asymmetric Synthesis of =

Optically-Active Medicines: New Strategies and their Application

=3D=3D Discovery versus Engineering of New Enzymes
* John Arnett (Recombinant Biocatalysis, USA) Enzymes from Thermophilic =

* Gunter Schneider (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden) Toward =

Tailoring Enzymes for Asymmetric Synthesis: Protein Engineering of =


 =3D=3D Aldolases and Glycosyl Transfer
* Eric Toone (Duke University) Pyruvate Aldolases
* Vladimir Kren (Czech Academy of Sciences) Enzymatic Glycosylation of =

Pharmacologically Active Compounds: Multienzymatic Approaches and New =


=3D=3D New Hydrolases
* Roland Furstoss (U. Aix-Marseille, France) Enantioselective =

Biotransformations with Epoxide Hydrolases
* Kenji Soda (Kyoto, Japan) 2-Haloacid Dehalogenases: Their Functions, =

Structures, and Applications

=3D=3D Oxidations
* Aleksey Zaks (Schering-Plough, Union, NJ, USA) Chloroperoxidase
* Bernhard Hauer (BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, Germany) Selection of =

Biocatalysts for the Preparation of Chiral/Chemical Building Blocks
* Roger Sheldon (Delft U. Netherlands) Enantioselective Aminolysis and =

Selective Oxidations Mediated by Chloroperoxidase

=3D=3D Large Scale Industrial Applications
* Kevin DiGregorio (Union Carbide, USA) Polyester Hydrolysis
* Robert Dicosimo (Dupont, Wilmington, DE, USA) Scale-Up of a =

Biocatalytic Route to N-Phosphonomethylglycine (Glyphosate) Using Whole =

Cell Transformants

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