Irregular PAP test results

Bert Gold bgold at itsa.ucsf.edu
Wed May 22 00:10:06 EST 1996

To my knowledge noone has ever succeeded in automating
this test although many have tried.

You probably need to seek an outstanding pathologist
to glean a good interp. for your mom.

The Genetics and IVF Institute in Fairfax, VA (near you),
MCV, Eastern Virginia School of Medicine in Norfolk, and
Hopkins in Baltimore all have excellent departments for
this purpose.

Avail yourself of their services with dispatch.

Bert Gold, Ph.D.
Program in Genetics
San Francisco

dmason at freenet.vcu.edu wrote:
: My mother recently had an irregular PAP smear. She has had
: several in the past months. They seem to be having trouble
: reading the test. She read something about someone using lasers
: and computers to read the tests and getting more reliable
: results. Does anyone know where this is being done or where I
: can get more info?

: Many thanks
: -- 
: Dan
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: you're taking up too much room!

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