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Thu May 30 10:57:17 EST 1996

Alex Chang asked:
>I am wondering anyone knows the HDC Corp., Mountain View, California.
>I am interested in their Entero-test kit.

For the information of others in the newsgroup, the Entero-test kit is a
noninvasive device for collecting H. pylori bacteria from patients with
stomach ulcers.  This method is especially useful for monitoring the
effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.  The kit consists of a mesh string
connected to a gelatin capsule.  The patient swallows the capsule, then the
string is retrieved after a half hour or so.  The string is placed on either
culture agar or urease agar to detect the organisms.  New methods for
detecting the organisms retrieved on the string are under development.

For more information, contact:

Len Ross, VP Research
HDC Corporation
2109 O'Toole Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131

Tel:  408-954-1909
Fax: 408-954-0340

Mark Hughes
RapidTest Diagnostics International, Inc.

E-mail:  MHughes77 at aol.com
Phone/Fax  510-441-7839 (510-441-RTDX)

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