Diagnsotics Briefing

Jacqueline A Harbron harbron at nildram.co.uk
Tue Nov 12 10:07:44 EST 1996

Give yourself time to create!

DIAGNOSTICS BRIEFING reviews all the diagnostics literature, so you
get on with what you're best at - managing your scientists and coming
up with new ideas.

Published monthly in an easy to digest format it contains all the 
relevant papers on diagnostics. This means that you have potent and 
relevant information at your fingertips making you well-briefed and 

All the information is in one compact publication which means you 
make faster progress, cutting out much of the arduous library work. 
We do the survey so you have time to think.

To make it easy to find what you need, DIAGNOSTICS BRIEFING:

 is CATEGORISED by Assays in Development; Disease Investigation; Assay
 Evaluation; Comparative Studies; Review Papers; Enabling Technology.

 is TABULATED by Infection and Disease

 features REPORTS on Assays in Development and Enabling Technology

For further details point your browser at


where you will also find this month's TABULATIONS of literature 
relevent to all engaged in diagnostics research and development.


Stuart Harbron, PhD
The Enzyme Technology Consultancy

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