Diagnostic Notes - Outlines in Clinical Medicine

Dr. Wasco j_wasco at pipeline.com
Wed Nov 20 16:54:29 EST 1996

A survey of one of my favorite sites has revealed a new resource that
may be of interest to medical students/clinicians. If you need a
quick, comprehensive overview of including diseases and diagnoses,
including symptoms, therapies and summaries, visit the Outlines in
Clinical Medicine at Avicenna.com.

The OCM are a great resource if you come across specific diseases or
symptoms, and may be a "little rusty" on the details.

OCM are comprehensive overviews of over 700 topics of special interest
to Medical Students, Practitioners, and other clinicians. OCM is now
required at Harvard Med., and other medical schools.

You can find OCM at:


 in the Clinical References section.

J. Wasco, MD

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