BSPP Presidential Conference, Canterbury, UK December 1996

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Fri Oct 4 07:19:14 EST 1996

 To:              Kevin O'Donnell <odonnell at>              

I'm preparing my Presidential Address for the British Society for Plant 
Pathology's December Conference in Canterbury, and I'd be glad of ideas from 
a wide range of people.

SUPPORT OF PLANT PATHOLOGY". My plan was to range over the following topics, 
with some demonstrations. (For amplification of the topics, see the papers 
that have been invited under these or similar headings at

1.   Handling facts to produce information -
Handling the information explosion in plant pathology. Data management: 
bibliographic; nomenclatural; molecular; etc.

2.   Interpreting information to produce knowledge -
Taxonomic Information Systems; Geographic Information Systems; Multimedia; 

3.   Using knowledge to support decision making -
Modelling epidemics; Diagnostic tools; Expert Systems for disease 
management; etc.

4.   Using knowledge to make predictions -
Epidemic forecasting; Risk analysis

5.   Passing on knowledge in education and training -
New media; Interactive training; Distance learning; etc.

6.   Storing and disseminating information -
Intranets, the Internet, World Wide Web; Electronic publishing; MPPOL (see ; Opportunities for developing countries.

In any of these areas, or any others, PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH ME AND 
OTHERS by e-mailing to bspplist at Include some or all of this 
message in your e-mail if it helps. The new technology gives us a remarkable 
opportunity to start the Conference well ahead of time, and to hit the 
ground running when we get to Canterbury (16-19 December)!

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Please distribute information about the Conference as widely as you like. 
Everyone is welcome. Please book early to be sure!

Peter Scott
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President, British Society for Plant Pathology

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Information Technology in Plant Pathology and Systematics
BSPP/SA Meeting, University of Kent, 16-19 December 1996

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