PHD job opportunities in molecular biology

Neurohunt neurohunt at
Wed Jun 4 03:00:23 EST 1997

Two PHD positions available.  I am looking for a promotable PHD scientist
with experience in either differential display, subtractive hybridization
or normalization.  This person will work on G-protein-coupled receptor
cloning projects.  Candidate should have experience making and screening
cDNA or genomic libraries.  We are a leading biotech firm with research
facilities in New Jersey and can provide excellent benefits (health
insurance, dental and vision plans, paid vacations and more) Compensation
$50,000 to 65,000 will be based on experience.  A high impact, high
profile position with excellent opportunity for advancement.  Please
contact Scott Shanes by phone at 609-584-8733 ext.218, fax CV to
609-584-9575 or E-Mail message to Neurohunt at 

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