cuvette question

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Thu May 14 11:06:46 EST 1998

Get a copy of the Helma catalog.  They have tranmission profiles over
broad wavlength ranges for their glasses.


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> Dear netters, I have what may be considered a silly question. We
> all know that in looking at UV absorbance in a spectrophotometer
> that we use quartz cuvettes because glass absorbs UV light and
> doesn't give you an accurate answer. But, can you use quartz
> cuvettes in looking at the white light absorbance of something
> in a spec? In other words, does a lab need both a set of glass
> AND quartz cuvettes? I have not been able to come up with a good
> reason why not. Any comments?
> Thanks,
> Jim Campanella
> Lehigh University
> Dept. of Biological Sciences

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