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Call for posters:

First Announcement and Call for Posters

Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Fourth Annual

Advances in  
Enhancing Sensitivity, Accuracy, and Speed

June 12-13, 2000 * The Capital Hilton * Washington D.C.

Extending the limits of assay sensitivity and accuracy, while also
meeting the demand for greater throughput and/or lower cost, requires
tightening engineering specifications, but also acquiring innovative
techniques and systems. The development of new probes and labels,
homogeneous assay designs, and approaches which allow for the direct
detection of compounds or specific binding events are having an impact
in basic research, diagnostic and drug development segments. Novel
fluorescent and luminescent technology are also critical for the
implementation of greater speed and automation. Advances in
miniaturization, including microarrays, are having a significant impact
in meeting these goals. These advances are being applied to the
detection, quantification and localization of gene sequences, proteins,
infectious organisms, contaminants and a variety of other targets.

Researchers are encouraged to submit abstracts for poster presentation

Please find attached the poster presentation instructions.

Potential topics include novel developments and new methods for:

Electrochemical Sensors
Fluorescent and Luminescent Assay Systems

Direct (non-amplified) quantitation
Optical sensing and detection 
Single molecule detection
Ultrasensitive detection
Ultrafast DNA detection

Labels and Probes
New probes 
Novel labels
Quantum Dots

Clinical molecular diagnostics
High-throughput genotyping
High-throughput drug screening
Homogeneous assays

Please submit poster presentations by e-mail or fax to:

Mary Chitty
Conference Director
e-mail: mchitty at
fax: 617-630-1325

Poster Abstract deadline, May 5, 2000 

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