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Thu Jan 8 05:35:17 EST 2004

First International qPCR Symposium & Application Workshop
Transcriptomics, Clinical Diagnostics & Gene Quantification
3rd - 6th March, 2004 in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany


Dear researchers, I whish you a happy and peaceful NEW YEAR 2004

LAST MINUTE POSTER CALL;  Deadline 31. January 2004
Please send your poster abstract 
to  <mailto:qpcr2004 at>qpcr2004 at

Now available - Preliminary Symposium Agenda
65 internationally renown speakers will be participating in a lively and 
exciting program enabling the valuable exchange of information in the qPCR 

Up to now 150 Abstracts submitted from 31 Nations worldwide

The Symposium and the Application Workshop presents unbiased international 
lectures & posters about quantification strategies, normalisation methods & 
new algorithms for exact nucleic acid quantification in the broad range of 
qPCR applications: Transcriptomics, Clinical Diagnostics, Food Hygiene & 
GMO, Expression profiling, Microbiology, Pharmacogenomics, Forensic, 
Nutrigenomics, Molecular Endocrinology, cDNA Array Verification, 
Theoretical qPCR, Pre-analytical Steps  &  RT, Isolation of Nucleic Acids.

Parallel to the Symposium an Industrial Exhibition will take place along 
with the congress, where an intensive conversation with numerous companies 
is possible (real-time PCR Cyclers, Kit Producers, Nucleic Acid 
Purification Systems, Enzyme Producers, Plastic ware Suppliers, etc.). 25 
companies agreed to participate at the Industrial Exhibition.

The organization team thank all Sponsors of the Symposium:


Platinum Sponsor Roche Diagnostics

Gold Sponsor BioRad
Gold Sponsor MJ Research

Silver Sponsor ABI Applied Biosystems
Silver Sponsor Cepheid
Silver Sponsor Eurogentec
Silver Sponsor Exiqon
Silver Sponsor Invitrogen
Silver Sponsor Premier Biosoft
Silver Sponsor Qiagen
Silver Sponsor Roboscreen & Invitek
Silver Sponsor Stratagene

Symposium registration:
Registration Form 
Registration Form 

Best regards

Michael Pfaffl

Gene.Quantification @

e-mail:         gene.quantification at

responsible Senior Scientist:

PD Dr. Michael W. Pfaffl
Physiology - Weihenstephan
Life Science Center Weihenstephan,
Technical University of Munich
Weihenstephaner Berg 3
D-85350 Freising-Weihenstephan

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