Postdoctoral position

Thu Aug 12 11:10:56 EST 1993

        A position for a postdoctoral associate is available to analyze
regulatory genes of the white eye color locus. Four loci have been
identified that exhibit a trans-acting dosage effect on the expression of
white mRNA. Three of these produce an inverse correlation between the level
of w RNA and the number of functional copies of the trans-regulator. The
fourth exhibits a direct effect in some tissues and an inverse correlation
in others. All four coordinately affect the RNA from the brown and scarlet
loci, whose products cooperate with that of white in pigment precursor
transport.  Three of the four act as weak suppressors of position effect
variegation. Allele specificity of the effect at white and studies with
promoter-reporter constructs indicate that the effects are mediated via the
white promoter, be that direct or indirect. The successful applicant will
be involved in cloning one or more of these loci and studying their
interactions with white. The paper by Rabinow et al. (Genetics 129:
463-480) describes one of these genes. The position would be funded by the
University of Missouri Molecular Biology Program for two years with the
possibility of further support thereafter. If interested, please send your
curriculum vitae and the names and phone numbers of three references to the
above e mail address or to: James A. Birchler, 117 Tucker Hall, University
of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211

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