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Dear Larry,

      The FlyBase bibliography of close to 60,000 Drosophila
references lists one abstract by H. Winge in 1968, which appears
to be relevant.  There are also 1965 and 1973 listings:

%A H. Winge
%D 1965
%T Interspecific hybridisation between the six cryptic species of Drosophila willistoni group.
%J Heredity
%V 20
%P 9--19

%A H. Winge
%D 1968
%T New races of Drosophila willistoni sibling species. (Abstr.)
%J Proc. 12th Int. Congr. Genet., Tokyo.
%V 1
%P 320

%A H. Winge
%D 1973
%T Races of Drosophila willistoni sibling species: Probable origin in quaternary forest refuges of South America. (Abstract.)
%J Genetics
%V 74 (2/2)
%P s297--s298

      I obtained this information by using a gopher (actually gopher+)
client to connect to the IUBio server at and performing
a search for Winge in the References section of FlyBase.

      Should one of the abstracts contain a citation to another article
of this era that we did not manage to capture for the database yet,
please let us know so that we may add it.  Just send email to
flybase at  Many thanks.

				Wayne Rindone for
				flybase at

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