plum mutant of D. simulans

Y. Fuyama A910741 at JPNTMU00.BITNET
Tue Nov 30 22:37:48 EST 1993

   We are currently mapping a gene of D. simulans that seems to locate
near the plum locus (pm; 2-103). For seaching appropriate deficiencies
in D. melanogaster, we wish to know the counterpart of pm in D.
   Sturtevant (1929) tested the allelism of pm with several eye color
mutants of D. simulans such as bw, pr, pd etc., and found all the
hybrids were wild-type.
   Any information about the location of pm would be appreciated.

 Yoshiaki Fuyama (Dept. of Biology, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
   A910741 at JPNTMU00.BITNET (Preferred)
   yfuyama at

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