FlyBase Update - function, synonym, and identifier tables

FlyBase Project Members flybase at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Apr 8 10:47:47 EST 1994

FlyBase - new versions of function, synonym and identifier tables.

The following four files were updated today. All were compiled from the
genes94 file.

  An alphabetical list of gene and allele synonyms. Note that this is the
  first time a table that includes allele synonyms has been available.
  This table includes 12,980 synonyms (see flybase/genes/synonyms.doc).

  A list of genes sorted by their 'function' (see
  flybase/function/function.doc).  The format is somewhat different from
  that used before. For each 'function' the corresponding genes are
  listed (as their symbols) on a line, each symbol being separated by a
  semicolon. This table includes all Enzyme Commission numbers and all
  Drosophila records from the Prosite Database. This release recognises
  1167 'functions', although this includes some overlaps and synonymy.

flybase/seqs/na.txt and flybase/seqs/prot.txt
  These are tables of nucleic acid (Genbank, NCBI, EMBL, DDBJ) and protein
  (SwissProt, PIR) sequence accession numbers corresponding to Drosophila
  genes. These tables are primarily for the databanks, so that they
  can cross-reference FlyBase (see flybase/seqs/sequences.doc). The protein
  table includes 2215 different AC numbers, the nucleic acid table 3917.

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