Want to find Drosophila virilis

Mohamed A. Noor mnoo at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU
Thu Apr 21 08:21:30 EST 1994

>From: zeng at boron.chem.duq.edu (Yuming Zeng)
>Subject: Help.  Want find drosophila virilis.
>Date: 21 Apr 1994 01:47:44 GMT
>Hi, I have a friend studying biology. She is looking for drosophila  
>virilis. The question is: Where is the culture stock? Can I order them 
>by E-Mail?
>Thank you so much for your help.

You can obtain Drosophila virilis, as well as about 300 other species
of Drosophila, from the National Drosophila Species Resource Center.
Cultures can be provided at no cost.  For more information, contact
Dr. Jong Yoon at (419) 372-2742 or by FAX at (419) 372-2024.

For D. virilis in particular, a number of mutant and wild strains are

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