FlyBase Update (cosmids)

FlyBase Project Members flybase at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Apr 27 19:54:01 EST 1994

FlyBase Update - New file of characterized cosmids.

A new file of characterized Drosophila cosmids from the European
Drosophila Mapping Consortium has been released to FlyBase. It is
in the file  flybase/clones/cosmids.txt.

This is a table of 2362 cosmids sorted by primary in situ
hybridization site. On average, there will be about 3 different
cosmids for each Bridges lettered subdivision of the polytene

A novel feature of this table is the addition of STS sequence data.
STS sequences from either (or both) the SP6 or T7 promoters of the
vector that flank the cloning site have been determined. These data
are now available in the EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ International Nucleic Acid
Sequence data libraries (accession numbers Z31722, Z31727 - Z31742,
Z31744 - Z32401, Z32417 - Z32477, Z32515).  With very few exceptions,
these STSs are from cosmids whose in situ position is known.

In the present release of the data the EMBL accession numbers of the 
STS sequences for each cosmid is shown in a new column, that begins in
column 66.

Just under 5% of the STS sequences hit known Drosophila
genes. These data are included in the sequence data library records
and will soon be incorporated into the FlyBase genes file.

All of the cosmids are freely available. To request cosmids send
email to inga at (Dr. Inga Siden-Kiamos, IMBB,
FORTH, Heraklion, Crete).

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