How do you get rid of them?

William J. Etges wetges at COMP.UARK.EDU
Tue Aug 2 09:09:17 EST 1994

At  1:36 PM 8/2/94 +0000, Basil Chiu wrote:
>We have a problem with fruit flies at home and I would like to know if
>there is a simple way to get rid of them. I did manage to catch a dozen
>with plain transparent tape but I doubt this is the most effective method.
>So again, if anyone has any solution please reply.
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>Tangled in the InterNet,
>BazMan (Basil) Chiu
>Carleton University School of Industrial Design

Try ridding your home of all fermenting fruit and vegetables. After that,
the remaining flies aren't bad on buttered toast.............



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